God Moment

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[heading]God Moment[/heading]

400 years ago St. Vincent De Paul founded an order of priests and brothers to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ through service to the poor and preaching parish missions. Thank you for visiting. We hope this app might help to open your mind and heart to the glory of God’s presence in your life.


The more you make time in your life to think about God and are mindful of His presence, the deeper your faith and friendship will become. The problem is that we get so busy and involved in our daily routines that we don’t make the time.

This simple app is an audible reminder for you to pause, in the midst of your activities, and offer a quick prayer of gratitude and mindfulness. Three random times each day you will hear a chosen sound- calling you to pause for a “God moment”— a thought, an acknowledgment, a thank you. That’s it. No need to even take your phone out!

Try it out and see for yourself. Designed to be simple, easy and hands free. Let us know what you think and how we might improve. Blessings and Peace.

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