Augmented Reality Application Development

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Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality (AR) apps allow you to experience virtual reality in the real world. Utilizing mobile phones we can place any object on top of a target image / structure and allow you to move around the target and the virtual object will stay locked to it. There are many uses for Augmented Reality apps, from education to entertainment. We will explore a few of the uses on this page. If you have a specific use, let us know and we can work with you to implement the best technology.

Educational Augmented Reality Apps have been a recent development. A lot of companies are investing in having supplemental material for their text books that require an app. There are several benefits to the student and the manufacturers of the textbooks. The student is able to receive additional information, diagrams, and 3D models / videos through the augmented reality experience. The company is able to make changes and additions to the content over time as well as require newer books to get the newer content.

Gaming AR apps are a big hit and have been since the Nintendo DS first started offering the ability to interact with traditional Nintendo characters like Mario. The used markers that came with the games and you could place on any surface. Gaming apps are a great use of AR technology and they allow for additional control inputs. Most of our AR development is completed inside Unity, a gaming engine, which will allow us to add gaming functionality quite easily.

Another great use of AR apps and AR technology is in the architecture field. Being able to see a 3D model of a building directly from a blueprint is a great way to wow a customer and give them a direct perspective of what the new construction will look like. This makes it easier to discuss changes and move throughout the floorplan. In contrast – we can utilize many different target images / assets to show the augmented reality experience. So you could provide a customer with a 3D model toy of a building and we could render the blueprint on the table instead. The options really are limitless when it comes to augmented reality construction apps.

Whether you want to build a new app or utilize an existing code base – we are happy to help you implement your ideas. We have worked with both Vuforia and Catchoom code bases and are happy to entertain the use of many other libraries.
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Augmented Reality App Development

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