Better Business Bureau Review Management

Expectations Are Everything

One of the best ways businesses can avoid negative feedback on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website is by having clear expectations with their clients. If people know exactly what they should expect from you, they will be less likely to have inflated expectations. This additional effort to ensure everyone is on the same page is crucial for the lifetime of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Based on our search engine optimization (SEO) research we have found that Google doesn’t credit businesses for having a high BBB rating, but they discredit businesses with a low BBB rating. Why would this be the case? It seems that a large majority of businesses have a high BBB rating. On the other hand, very few companies have a low rating. With that said, a high BBB rating may not be the best indicator that you are performing great business. The real indicator are the low ratings. These low ratings are seen as red flags to Google. Focus on keeping your BBB rating high for SEO and conversion purposes.

Negative Reviews Aren’t The End Of The World

Even the best businesses receive negative reviews. Things start to look fishy when a business doesn’t have any negative reviews. Negative reviews are simply a portion of the process. Respond to these reviews in a cordial manner offering a short apology and see if there is anything you can do to correct the issue. You may not win the customer back, but keep in mind those aren’t the only eyes reading that review. Your response may win over a future customer.