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Audio Recording Services

With the tools available today, many business owners are attempting to produce audio content in-house. With a computer and a microphone, hobbyists can write and record quality sounding audio files. The biggest difference between a professionally engineered production and an in-house recording often times comes down to the voice artist. Inflection, cadence, tone, and read style are unique characteristicsthat vary from actor to actor. Why risk the identity of your organization to lackluster voice artists and hobbyists, contact us immediately for a professional audio demo.

Audio Production

Our crew of audio engineers have more than fifteen years of experience recording and editing audio content for commercial use. From radio advertisements produced and broadcasted right here in Carteret borough, New Jersey to TV commercials on the other side of the country. We also have experience producing e-learning modules and audio books. Audio is crucial and thriving organizations understand the value of writing and producing audio for online media.

The professional voice talent that we have in our network are second to none. With national radio and television ads, local broadcast across New Jersey, and industry contracts with some of the biggest creators of online learning modules, and hundreds of hours of e-books on the web, our team of recording artists are here to make your project shine.

Now, we’re not just a team of skilled techs. We’re a production company, taking advantage of technology to help you gain an advantage. Production doesn’t have to be a hassle. We work with broadcast writers and seasoned production engineers from start to post-production. Let’s make something epic.
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Your presentation is everything. Don’t let just anyone record the audio for your marketing efforts. Inflection, cadence, tone, and read style are unique qualities that differ from artist to artist. We know how to project your message to maximize your company’s reach.

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