Social Media Contest Management Services For Business

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Social Media Contesting

Few things are more effective at bringing people through your doors than email campaigns, and one of the best ways to build an email list is through contests. People are often wary about giving out their email when there isn’t anything in it for them, which is where a contest really shines.

When you give people a chance to win something for nothing more than their email, the reservations melt away. When properly advertised and executed, you stand to gain a large and varied email list that can be turned around to your benefit easily.

The rule of thumb with successful contests is “If you aren’t squirming at the cost, it’s not good enough.” What we mean is that if you aren’t giving away an amount of product/service that makes you slightly uncomfortable, then it’s not a big enough prize to get people to sign on. We will work with you to determine the perfect prize for the winner of your contest, as well as handling all of the details and execution. And all you have to do is watch the email list grow.

These types of contests can be run on social media and are an essential tool to building up your client base in a quick way. Contests can also be used beyond building your email list, you can use them to increase social media followership, as well as many other interactions. These campaigns can be run to increase your retargeting opportunities from simply driving traffic to your website. For e-commerce customers – this is a great way to drive direct sales. Combining this effort with a retargeting pixel and you now have a new list of customers on Facebook and Google who have bought your products and will likely buy again.

Contests are a great way to bring new interest and reach people who have had previous interest in your business. We have helped numerous businesses with their contesting. The results can be explosive. Have a great product or service is always the way to start.