Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Modern Influence enjoys developing custom software for organizations. Our goal is to connect with you the company, and see your vision all the way through to completion. Wether that’s a B2B application or a B2C application, it’s something we like to do. By understanding the needs of your target market, we can collaborate on the custom software development of your custom application in a way not offered by other programmers. We are here to help.

Augmented Reality Application Development

Some of the elementary characteristics for AR Apps contain the capacity to monitor an object, stream a video on that surface, place a 3D object on the surface and interact together with the AR environment through touch. We have helped layout the bases of a virtual and augmented reality app to be used with architects. With the program, a target picture might be as simple as a business card that pops up a 3D model of a present interpretation. With this, the user could then move around the building and see any changes and upgrades made. The could touch distinct doors or windows as starting points and enter a virtual reality manner similar to 360° Video.

Web Application Development

After defining the needs and we’ll work on creating a timeline associated with the endeavor. This will definitely be a rolling deadline as functionality changes dictate. The timeline includes testing, debugging, and also a staging span for customer testing to ensure it’s fulfilling all prerequisites. Onsite visits will probably be performed as crucial to help develop the timeline.


During the development period we will be utilizing agile practices of incremental updates and having partial deliveries and evaluations along the way. This permits US to make sure we are on the proper path and still get feedback from our customer. Development stages last two weeks normally and are followed by a customer meeting for feedback.

Web Technology

Here at Modern Influence, we pride ourselves in using the most recent and most efficient technologies for distributed systems. We use JWT tokens for authentication in the majority of our jobs allowing for a reduced cost in server expense and an inexpensive load balancer on the front-side. Among many different technologies, we’re a bower grunt house and utilize AngularJS for the majority of our internet projects. Backend server development can be accomplished in PHP, Java, or some other language necessary for the customer.