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Off Site SEO

Off site SEO refers to other sites and the inbound links coming from those properties. Those links are called backlinks. The referring page can be another blog or company site, a social property like Youtube, a citation, or article comment linking back to your property. There are many other means of receiving backlinks, but these are common methods and are typically easy to obtain.

• Link Outreach – There is a chance you have done business with another business that has a website, or you have an acquaintance or networking associates that have sites. Take the time to reach out to any of these people in Everett and ask them to feature an article about you or your business on the site. My recommendation is that you create it to save them the hassle. Be sure to give yourself a web page and return the favor to them by building a link to their page from your web page. Also note, if they have a Google verified address in Everett and you are wanting to rank for a local Everett service term, that will be a positive geo relevance factor.

• Social Networks – By setting up social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit you have an opportunity to link out to your website from the user profile. You can also create links from a post within these properties. Lots of ways to create links, just need to get creative.

• Citations – Citations are a great way to build a backlink. Creating business profiles within directories like Yelp, Cheap FlightsGoogle Maps, Yellowpages, or foursquare will give you the opportunity to not only create a local presence in Everett, Massachusetts on those platforms but to also link back to your website from that property.

• Blog Comments – We have experienced personal success locating sites on the web that were topical to our website and commenting on them with a backlink to our webpage. Without being a spammer, find an interesting article, leave a comment and engage the online community, and leave a signature in your comment that links back to your page. That is a comment link.

Software Subscriptions For Off Page SEO

There are other options to the tools that Google offers, there are plenty of other dashboards that help you monitor site traffic, authority links, backlinks, page rankings, and many other analytics. Monitoring the health of your web page and maintaining a authoritative back link profile is essential for ranking your property. Here are a few of the subscriptions and some basic info on how they could help you with your off site optimization.

• MOZ OSE – (https://moz.com/) – The Moz OSE allows you to view referral links, find linking opportunities, find negative back links, check a web sites domain authority, and page authority. Moz provides other useful tools that are proven useful for SEO. Take a look at MOZ local (metrics specific to Everett and the surrounding areas) and the plethora of free optimization tools for those of you that are just getting your feet wet.

DA and PA are very important metrics in SEO. Use this site to check the metrics on your site.

• SEM Rush – (https://www.semrush.com/)- This is an amazing tool for managing your sites SEO. For people running an SEO business, this tool allows you to orchestrate and keep track of any changes with a businesses online property. Some of the tools offered through this interface are keyword position tracking, website audits, social media managment, profile monitoring, link audits, lead generation management, keyword search analytics, domain analytics, and more.

Tracking keywords and site traffic are really important features in SEM Rush.

• Ahrefs (https://ahrefs.com/) – A very useful tool that allows you to manage the health of your site. The tools made available within Ahrefs are a lot like those seen on SEM Rush, but there are very unique tools that have made Ahrefs a must have tool for any SEO. Ahrefs includes a website explorer, content crawler, keyword explorer, batch overviews, referral link explorer, and more.

The backlink profile explorer is a great tool we use for identifying back links directing to your website. This is great for discovering good and bad backlinks.

• PRT – (https://proranktracker.com/) – PRT is a subscription based SEO software subscription that is most commonly used to track the rankings of specific key words and URL strings. Software such as this is needed to gauge movement and/or recognize a drop in the SERPS. For people looking to monitor SEO for their clients, PRT is a pretty affordable industry option.

Ranking statistics refer to keyword position movement in the SERPS. The red values seen indicate a dip in rankings while the green values represent a jump in keyword rankings.

• Keyword Tool – (http://keywordtool.io/) – This software tool is useful for locating keywords that you want to rank your page for. You can configure specific location settings to uncover keyword search volume in a specific city and state like Everett, Massachusetts. These key words that you locate and begin targeting will be the same keywords that you analyze in PRT. Another helpful feature is the search volume chart, this shows how much search occurs monthly in your area and if it’s seasonal, trending, or a constant stream of search volume.

finding locally searched key terms is beneficial for anyone trying to rank in Massachusetts.

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