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Is SEO Important For Businesses In Florence?

Would it surprise you to know that Google performs 3.5 billion searches per day? Sure, people still ask friends for suggestions, but how easy is it to ask your phone? More than ever, people rely on search engines to find dependable products and services. People across Florence are searching for your business. The question is, who are they seeing at the top of the results? With the right SEO strategy – that can be your company.

The Right SEO Agency In Florence

What separates us from the competition? At Modern Influence we embrace the fact that we are nerds. Sure, our focal point is online marketing, but our team doesn’t consist of strictly marketers. Our company is packed with highly technical computer scientists working away to find those intricate ways we can one-up your competition. This involves something we call on page seo optimization. We aren’t looking to test our SEO theories on your site. Our strategies have produced time and time again. It’s simply a matter of time before they work for your business in Florence.

Don’t Settle For Longtail Keywords

Often times potential clients come to us with reports from another firm and ask, “Can you do better than these rankings?” Upon evaluating the list we often see the agency was chasing keywords with low competition and low search volume. This strategy results in ranking for terms that are highly unlikely to bring in new clients.

Our clients provide superior services and we believe they deserve superior rankings. That said, we take a different approach from our competition. When taking on new clients in Florence we like to look at the big picture. We identify keyword searches that will make a big impact on your business and chase after ranking you for those specific terms. We get you ranked for terms with high search volume, high competition and terms that are highly likely to convert a customer.

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SEO pricing is strongly based on competition of keywords and location. Before we focus on enhancing your rankings we need to gain a better understanding of the keywords and search volume of the relevant terms in your vertical. This requires us to perform some keyword research before we give you a monthly quote for SEO. Complete the form below to get started with our free keyword research.

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