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On Hold Music

Hold music can entertain and retain callers. Music is all around us, and it influences us daily wether you are aware of it or not. Utilize the time your customers spend on-hold waiting by setting the tone and broadcasting your message on hold to the customer.

As a music on hold provider in Fremont Ohio our Royalty Free on hold music library was created with your customers in mind. With the right music and the right voice you can increase caller hold time, create brand awareness, and influence purchasing decisions.

Your on-hold music track can be mixed with a custom voiceover to create a branded on-hold presence for your business. If you decide not to mix in a voice over, and only want music on hold for your phone system then a custom hold music file will be sent to you.

Music on hold formats vary and depending on your phone system you may need one audio format over another. Common audio formats for music on hold productions are, but are not limited to (.mp3) and (.wav) audio files.

If you don’t have a brick and mortar business presence in Fremont but instead use Voice Over IP or a hosted PBX then check with your provider to see if they have on hold music and messaging capabilities built into their system.

If you do not use your telephone systems internal on hold music feature, but are instead using a music on-hold player then you will need to reference the manual for that equipment to determine the file format that is needed.

Licensed On Hold Music

There are laws in place in and around Fremont Ohio to protect artists and their labels. The laws are there to prevent businesses from broadcasting their audio for commercial use without paying a licensing fee. By using Modern influence and our royalty free on hold music library you can rest assured that legally you are are covered by our blanket license to deliver our hold music to your business phone system in Fremont Ohio.

Modern Influence works with some of the best composers of hold music in the industry. Music from our libraries have been played on radio, local television here in Fremont, and cable networks throughout the country. Our music is recent, funky, cool, and ready to engage your customers. If you choose to obtain a music on hold license yourself then we would suggest getting an ASCAP license.

Contact Modern Influence for more information about our music on hold services and how we can help your company leverage this service by broadcasting your message to a captive audience that has been placed on hold.

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