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Small local companies with a physical address competing in the online market for traffic share need to focus on local SEO. Local SEO is an absolute must if small business want’s to compete with big business. So, if you offer services in or around your city then it is in your best interest to have your map listings optimized for search so that when a user searches “service company A” your business appears at the top of the Maps results on Page 1 of Google. Getting this position and maintaining it consistently is more competitive than ever. With businesses in every local market, business owners are jockeying for position and are willing to pay the price to acquire and maintain that position.

These days it’s crucial for local businesses who don’t have budgets to compete in direct mail and other “off line” marketing strategies to invest in local SEO. Back in 2015 of the first time ever, more Google search queries took place on mobile devices than on computers!! Clearly if you are reading this you understand the importance of local SEO, and see a need to become better optimized.

Top Map Listings

Breaking through to the top of Google Maps with your business listing can be a battle and half. Currently as of this article Google is only displaying 3 local listings at the top of the maps results before having to use a drop down menu to view the other local listings available. Apparently the idea behind displaying three listings was to limit the preview count on mobile devices. This has made optimizing Map properties a very competitive industry, considering there are only 3 positions at the moment that will be displayed to users searching for local services. Making sure your business appears for search for Maps in your local market will require some research, knowledge, money, and patience. Here are a few suggestions for optimizing your maps for search.

• Verified Google My Business Page
• Citations – Consistency with NAP (name, address, phone number)
• Google Reviews
• The business location in relation to the area the individual is searching from
• The level of optimization performed on the Map and Business Page
• The Companies online footprint
• How connected the citations and map listing are with the website and social profiles

The Google algorithm is complex, these are just a few of the main strategies to focus on initially. After these processes are complete, optimizing your listing will become unique on a per listing basis as the additional variables involved far exceed that of seven part bullet point list.

Local Proximity Ranking

Please note that there is a difference between local proximity rankings and optimized map rankings. If you were to search Google on your smartphone and location services was enabled, then your search would return results that were based on your proximity to the businesses closest to you. I’m not sure anyone understands all of what is involved with proximity ranking but it’s definitely driven by geographical data.

There are so many variables to consider with such a complex algorithm that it’s almost mind numbing. But if you follow the itemized list above and apply these principals you will find that your maps listings will see an increase in position within the local maps listings.
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