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In preparation of her new orthodontic practice in Richmond, Dr. Mehta was eager to find an agency that understood her vision for her website. Using her branding standards we were able to achieve the design and feel that she was chasing after for her online presence.

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Ranking a website from scratch can be very difficult because your website has absolutely no preexisting credibility. After just a few months we were able to make Dr. Mehta’s practice relevant for Richmond and the surrounding areas. With hundreds of people looking for braces, SEO has offered the practice a steady stream of new patients.

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Every smile is unique. Your smile is the window to your soul. Dr. Mehta and her team at Indigo Orthodontics are here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams! At Indigo Orthodontics, we are at the forefront of the smile revolution, committed to providing you with extraordinary orthodontic care in a technologically advanced office where your comfort and convenience is paramount. Like the community we live in, we are conveniently located just south of The Palladium on Grand Parkway.

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Web Design
Teamwork makes the dream work

Indigo Ortho decided to utilize a local agency to establish their brand. Utilizing what this third-party created, we were able to reestablish Indigo Ortho’s branding on their website and reinforce their dedication to health and community.

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