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Instagram Marketing

What you see is what you get, and we want to make sure that potential customers are seeing the absolute best you have to offer. Instagram is a unique and dynamic platform that provides returns equal to what you put in. In recent years, Instagram has made several changes that incorporate aspects of various social media to make it an even more powerful marketing tool.

Instagram has grown its user base after merging with Facebook. With the addition of features like Instagram Stories, it is now competing and pulling a lot of attention from Snapchat’s base. One of the most valuable pieces from Instagram is the limited ability to link out – which makes it harder to monetize but the user base expects to have a clean and ad-free experience. Knowing this means you have to be as transparent as possible and still provide value.

Video and Images are both powerful resources on Instagram. Knowing which one to utilize comes down to the goal. Video is not always more powerful than an image. We encourage customers to limit their video presence from being too long, overproduced, and underproduced. The millennial generation expects authentic content without looking like there was no budget.

Photos can invoke so many thoughts and memories. Editing on the photos doesn’t need to take a long time but it is good to spend a few moments on editing. Adding vignettes, text, and other elements to the photo can greatly increase its shareability.

While other platforms are more based on verbal content, Instagram is much more a visual stage. The struggle with Instagram is that it’s much easier to post engaging up to date content in person, and with a remote manager things can get stale very easily. We get around this by having our people stop by semi-regularly if possible to get content for the future. Another tactic that has served us well is teaming up with your staff for extensive training on what to look for and what makes appealing content. With your whole team trained in what to look for, the struggle to find compelling content will be a thing of the past.