Law Firm Website Design

Creating a website for a law firm may be overwhelming. Most lawyers and solicitors want a solid website but acronyms like HTML, CMS, SEO, PPC, SEM and CSS make their eyes glaze over. Additionally, trying to compare law design site designers and advertising companies apples to apples appears impossible.

law-firm-website-designFortunately we manage just like great attorneys, training people to allow them to make informed decisions. Before anyone decides to hire us, we make sense of their situation, translate jargon to English and create a plan. We are not the right fit for every law firm; regardless we always point people with the right path, even if it’s not to us. Firms that do end up working with us can count on more of the exact same amazing service. We continually educate, clarify and help our customers make the best choices.

With 1 in 10 internet users now using their mobile devices to surf the web, all law firms should have a web site that may be easily got on the little screen of a smartphone or tablet. Modern Influence is pleased to provide mobile web site development for lawyers to ensure that they’re effectively engaging all would-be customers. The mobile websites that we develop feature all of exactly the same advice as the firm’s chief website but the construction will likely differ allowing website visitors on a mobile device to more easily move around it. Just as with all of the main sites that we create, our cellular sites will probably be dynamic so any changes made through our content management system will undoubtedly be immediately reflected on the cellular website. Your business won’t want a second domain name for the mobile website; in fact, we’ve developed a system that is certainly smart enough to detect what device a website visitor is using and will load the correct variant of the website that’s been optimized for their device.

What Makes Our Website Design For Law Firm Unique?

website design for law firmOur cellular websites for law firms feature images which have been optimized for mobile viewing and are made to fit the small screen. By replacing the heavier graphics of a standard web site with these cellular-friendly pictures, we are capable to decrease the loading time of the site across all mobile devices. Most legal sites contain pages and pages of content which can make accessing them on a cellular device difficult. Modern Influence’s mobile websites are formatted so that users do not need to zoom in to read the valuable content and may navigate easily from page to page with only the touch of the thumb. If you have a smartphone, you comprehend the manner in which you browse websites in your mobile varies radically from how you surf the internet in your PC. Our cellular website development team is filled with specialists who understand the cellular apparatus operator patterns and have created an intuitive platform to react to their requirements.

The ultimate goal of your law firm’s website is always to get people off of your web site and into your workplace. Our mobile sites are designed to do exactly that. With a one touch contact button and easy share link, it has never been easier to convert website visitors into customers and share the word about the great services your practice offers to customers. While search engines are not quick to offer insight into future algorithm changes, all have openly stated that mobile usability is most important. If your website isn’t “cellular-favorable”, you will be at a disadvantage when it comes to reaching top spots in the search engine result pages, seriously restricting your law firm’s on-line visibility. At Modern Influence, our state of the art mobile websites comply with all mobile guidelines and are consistently upgraded to ensure they continue to match the requirements of your prospective clients (and the search engines) regardless of whether they’re accessing your site on a desktop computer, tablet PC or a smartphone.