Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application Development

Similar to web application development, mobile application development can take many forms. You can utilize the native programming languages provided by the manufacturers of modern devices such as Swift for iOS and Java for Android. Another route that can be just as efficient and much more budget-friendly is to develop html5-based apps using technologies such as ionic and Cordova. Not every application can be developed using HTML5 technology, but those that can will benefit from a reduced code base, simplified business logic, and a reduction in development time and cost.

When deciding whether to use traditional programming languages for mobile app development, or using things such as HTML5 technology there are a few inputs the make a determination in which technology can be used. The first question to ask is whether you are using gaming graphics or a simple business application interface. HTML5 apps are not able to render gaming engine quality graphics. This is one of the biggest limitations of developing a cross-platform HTML based app. If you’re looking to develop a mobile game and to be cross-platform compatible there are many engines like Unity that can be used for development.

Business app development starts with defining the dataset and the servers that will be utilized. We’re working on this applications, it’s important to understand the authentication requirements as well as access control for the data set. We can work with third-party databases or ATI or develop your own API and data set.

When you look at Unity for gaming development, we can do many things including advanced features like augmented reality. Unity allows us to develop with C sharp, one language for all devices. Publishing an app through Unity is much more efficient than developing native gaming apps directly for IOS and Android.

We have recently developed an application for daily reminders of prayer. The app itself will notify you at the 3 random times during the day between the morning time and evening time that you set. Each day you will receive a different thought of the day to concentrate on. It is a great and simple way to keep you grounded and on track with your faith.