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What’s all the fuss about SEO? I mean who cares, right! There are only 3.5 billion searches daily, so why would anyone want to rank at the top of the search engines? Ok, all jokes aside I think every business should make this their primary focus. There are generally two types of SEO done to a web property. In this article I am going to talk about off page SEO (the SEO and back linking strategies that take place off page/site). These strategies will ensure that your website will be running at peak performance for years to come, and will drastically improve your content optimization. There are plenty of places to get backlinks, share content, and get referral traffic from. I’m going to share some of the more popular platforms with you here.

Social Media

Social media platforms provide a great place for businesses to create profiles, create backlinks, share content, and engage an audience. Even if you only choose to engage your audience on 2-3 platforms, it’s recommended that you set up profiles on as many social platforms as you can. This gives your business an online presence on platforms that people are using, even if you are not. There is also a ton of value received from the backlinks these profiles offer.

Some Social Sites We Recommend For Off Page SEO

Google Plus

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an often underused means of off page optimization.

Some Bookmarking Websites We Recommend For Off Page SEO


Blogs & Forums

Commenting in blogs and forums that are relevant to your content can provide a huge SEO boost and generate referral traffic. You can search for sites with active blog feeds, or blogging platforms that have open comment threads and leverage these for backlinks. There is a strategy here however, don’t just jump into an ongoing feed within a blog or forum and leave a lame comment and a link to your website. As you would with your on-page optimization, make sure you are providing value and not just spamming your backlink. Also, if you receive a response to your comment make an effort to engage the community, this could lead to potential referral traffic.

Some Blogs & Forums We Recommend For Off Page SEO

• Add This
• BBPress
• Career Builder
• Chronicle
• BoingBoing
• Technorati
• Networked Blogs
• ElecDir
• A1 Web

Article Submission Links

If you write good on page content on your website, then submit it to a directory. This will give you a backlink and get the article pushed to other platforms where it may be discovered by other users interested in the topic. If you are going to submit articles and expect quality engagement, and expect that the article is shared then make sure that the content you are creating is of value for anyone searching for and reading it.

Some Article Submission Sites We Recommend For Off Page SEO

• The Free Library
• Mag Portal
• Ezine Articles
• Hub Pages
• Bright Hub

Again, as suggested when sharing on other social platforms be sure to take advantage of the profile page by filling it out completely. These platforms usually allow for a backlink of some sort and can also be “connected” to your site through various means of ownership confirmation. When uploading videos you have the opportunity to treat the video like a web page and optimize it as well. Be sure to fill out title, description, and give it the necessary tags that it needs. Usually in the description field you can squeeze in a few extra links when applicable, don’t stuff, don’t be spammy.

Some Video Sites We Recommend For Off Page SEO

• Youtube
• Vimeo
• Daily Motion
• U Stream
• Meta Cafe
• Vine
• Hulu
• Break

Images can be shared and syndicated across multiple platforms. Remember, just because you don’t spend time on a given social platform doesn’t mean others don’t. Images have a high click through rate. Meaning that if someone visually identifies something in a picture that is being advertised, they are more likely to click through to a website from an image than an actual link. Images can be optimized for search, labeled, and tagged. There are image editors out there that provide all the means necessary to fully optimize your images for search. This includes meta descriptions and keywords. Take advantage of this and optimize your images as well.

Some Image Sharing Sites We Recommend For Off Page SEO

• Flickr
• Instagram
• Picasa
• Tumblr
• Deviant Art
• Imgur
• Media Fire
• Shutterfly
• Fotolog

Like all your content, make sure the documents you create and share are well thought out pieces of content with solid information. You can use something like Google docs to create and share public documents or you can create PDF or word documents that can be shared independently across multiple platforms. Each have value and if possible, both of these options should be utilized.

Some Document Sharing Sites We Recommend For Off Page SEO

• Google
• Slide Share
• Scribd
• En Calameo
• Free Yudu

To truly benefit from off page SEO you must have your on page SEO dialed in properly. After your on page SEO is in place, taking advantage of these off page strategies I have listed will become extremely valuable to the success of your optimization efforts. Remember to treat your off page with he same attention and importance that you treat your on page with. In addition to optimization, this content can drive referral traffic to your site and if the content is garbage then chances are that referral traffic will be non existent. Create great content, optimize it, share it, and in time you will see the benefits of off page SEO.
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