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What’s all the fuss about SEO? I mean who cares, right! There are only 3.5 billion searches daily, so why would anyone want to rank at the top of the search engines? Ok, all jokes aside I think every business should make this there primary focus. There are generally two types of SEO done to a web property. In this article I am going to talk about on page SEO (the SEO done on your actual web site or property). These strategies will ensure that your website will be running at peak performance for years to come.

What Exactly is On Page SEO?

It’s exactly how it sounds, it’s the process of optimizing all things on your website for search. This can include the URL structure, images, videos, anchor text, meta data, and much more. By optimizing your on page content and the meta info you can provide relevant information to the bots that crawl your page for indexing. Being properly indexed for your products and services will allow your site to show up in search when people are looking for you.

Is On-Page SEO Important?

Yes, On-Page SEO is very important. By properly optimizing your pages for search you can make sure that both the users that visit and the bots that crawl it understand exactly what the web page is about. When the movie Triple X came out starring Vin Diesel, it was important for the webmaster of that site to clearly define to the bots what that site was about. Had they not done that properly, there is a chance that the bots would have mistaken that site for inappropriate content and not served it up in the search results.
For the end user searching the site, it’s important that the site features articles, images, and videos relevant to the movie. If the user lands on the page and the page is not about the topic they searched for they will leave. This is a red flag and can negatively impact your search results. So it’s important that once you get traffic from the search engines you keep them there long enough to convert them to customers. There is nothing else quite like the search engines, the ability to get your website in front of a targeted search traffic is priceless.
By making sure both sides of on page optimization is accurate, you will be giving your website an opportunity to rank for your search terms nationally and in your local market. The best part is that once you do this right, you never have to do it again for the pages that have products or services that are not changing.

How To Perform On Page SEO

Getting this right will take research and patience, but it’s worth it. Below I will list some important factors to pay attention to. I’m not going to tell you exactly how to implement this, there are plenty of articles on the web about that. What I am telling you here is what to pay attention to.

URL Structure
• Anchor

URL Structure
An important starting point for on page seo is ensuring that your URL structure includes the keywords that you would like your page to be optimized for is very important. Think this through thoroughly, once you have created that structure it’s best practice to leave it in place.

Meta Description
The Meta Description is that snippet of text that shows up in the search engines describing what the page is about. By clearly defining your page with an optimized description that has the keywords and relevant information in there you can help your page rank, and increase click through traffic from people searching.

Anchor text on your site linking to internal and external properties and provide a massive boost to your optimization efforts. You can link to another internal page that my provide additional value to a user or you can link to an external page that may be a more authoritative resource for something specific you may be discussing.

Creating good content on page is worth it’s weight in gold. You do it once for a page an it is online forever. There is content out on the web that has been repurposed for years and continues to be relevant and provide value. Repurposing content for other platforms is also a great way to get a lot of milage out of articles, images, and videos.
When writing content for your website make sure that you are using keywords relevant to the topic you would like to optimize for. There is also value placed on relevance. Using keywords that have high relevance to the primary keyword has proven beneficial for SEO.

On Page SEO provides massive value to users and bots alike. Take the time to get this right by following some of the simple suggestions outline above and improve your optimization for the long term.

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