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Brainstorming the functionality of software can be difficult. Finding developers who understand your vision and have a clear process of execution can be even more challenging.

Business Overview

Looking for a solution to keep a reading on his current dental practice, Andrew approached Modern Influence with the idea for True Biz Pulse as a practice management solution for marketing. We have since built out the system to be utilized is many industries but the heart of the project is the same for each one. Provide a simple way to track the effectiveness of the team providing the care, service, products to the customers and keep in touch with the customers to keep them coming back.

Software Overview
Let’s talk specifics

For the dental practices that use True Biz Pulse – the system allows for live chair monitoring. The front office can see in an instant if there is a chair that is ready to be filled by a patient and can get them in place without the back office team reaching out.

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