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Twitter holds an interesting niche in the social media world, it allows and often rewards frequent posting. Other platforms have implemented algorithms that determine what content shows up on a person’s feed, Twitter is still largely a time based feed, where tweets from the people you follow showing up chronologically as they were posted. This makes timing on Twitter more important, but at the same time, the culture of Twitter allows for multiple posts at once without the fear of annoying followers.

Our social team is well versed in balancing the timing and amount of posts to get you the maximum impact of content. When both are used in tandem, posts find a greater audience and people come back wanting more.

Building an audience on Twitter is a combination of offering valuable and relevant content to your future customers as well as following and interacting with existing brands / leaders on Twitter. Using different technologies like TweetDeck, HootSuite, or others you can manage this in a much more efficient manner. There are some basic features that many users do not take advantage of in their marketing efforts.

Twitter Advanced Search can provide great lead opportunities. Using this feature you can find users who are looking for your service / product and reach out directly. This is a very handy way to also find profiles that are similar and generating a lot of traffic for your business. The local search feature also allows you to be “in the know” with the market so you can ride social media trends. Remember the Harlem Shake? Probably not but this is something that could have boosted your presence online had you been involved in 2013.

Creating Twitter appropriate content regularly can be a challenge, but with the experience at our disposal, it’s a problem you won’t have to worry about. Twitter lends itself to frequent interactions with customers, and we regularly monitor not only applicable keywords, but also people mentioning you, so we can react and reply as needed.
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Social Media Marketing Twitter

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