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Web Application Development

When choosing the right firm to help with your web development project, Modern Influence offers one of the widest array of experiences. Choosing the right technology combination for a web app project can be overwhelming. There are many server side and client side technologies to consider and many new libraries are being released each day. How do you know what is the right fit and what will be sustainable? This is where Modern Influence is able to shine. We have experience in everything from FORTRAN to Go.

We start our web application development projects the same way as the rest of our projects with a discovery phase. We want to understand the user scope so that we can recommend the best technologies for the project. Another determining factor of the project is whether the project is self hosted or managed hosting. There are many different server providers out there that we have worked with. Below you will find a list of a few that we prefer.

Amazon EC2
Google App Engine

Each of these providers offers slightly different solutions which means the architecture used for Google App Engine will not necessarily be transferrable to another platform. This is important to keep in mind when designing the web app project and could be costly later to make a platform change.

Timelines for web application development can take anywhere from a week to a year depending on the scope of the project. There are many factors that make a project difficult. The complexity of the technology is just one of the many challenges to work through When developing for the web.

A typical web application development project will take shape using platforms such as angularjs and PHP or Java for the server-side language. We utilize any newer web technology standards, such as JWT. This technology mitigates the need for expensive load balancing servers.

Modern Influence is prepared to work on any web development project, if we cannot handle the project we can help find the right candidates for the job.