WordPress Web Design

Why Design In WordPress?

wordpress-web-designAll our websites are developed using WordPress. Why? Over 25% of the web runs on WordPress. Think about that for a moment. One in four sites you have visit were developed using a WordPress platform. With that said, there is a very big community behind WordPress and it’s something that continues to grow daily. Despite what you’re striving to accomplish, we can make it occur.

Does WordPress Scale?

With over 50,000 plugins, WordPress is incredibly adaptable. These plugins have allowed us to create e-commerce sites, websites for companies, and even websites for other advertising companies. The record of plugins and scalability is never-ending. This works incredibly well for our clients because as their business grows, so does their website.


web-design-wpWe love using WordPress since it is so search engine friendly! It’s one of the greatest, if not the best content management system (CMS) when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). There are so many WordPress websites out there that Google is accustomed to crawling WordPress websites. We implement fundamental SEO practices for our sites but SEO optimization is a separate service that we offer our customers.