YELP review management services for business

Email Follow Up

Often times businesses follow up with their clients via email. This is an excellent time to ask for a review. We suggest you place a Yelp badge within your follow up email to showcase your current reviews as well as encourage clients to provide their two cents on your business. This reiterates your commitment to quality and often times it can lead to high reviews.

Read Your Reviews

Don’t ignore the reviews that people post to Yelp. If all of the negative reviews are centered around one specific topic, you obviously have an issue with that portion of your business model. High reviews can be a difficult thing to achieve, but business owners need to take the reviews with a grain of salt. If you have multiple people talking about how your staff is never on time, you obviously have a time management issue. This is an example of an easy fix that would result in a higher reviews and more business over the lifetime of your business.

Share Yelp Reviews

The reviews on your Yelp page are testimonials to your business practices. Don’t shy away from using these in your marketing materials. You don’t have to include the user’s full name to make a review seem personal. Simply scroll through your review feed, select one of the best reviews and add it to your marketing campaign. This is a great way to establish trust with potential clients.