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What Is SEO

In the digital marketing arena SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO agency in CTIY, LASEO is the process of optimizing articles and images to web standards so that the search engine like Yahoo can locate it, index it, and deliver it to users that are searching for your products or services on the internet.

By staying within W3 standards, open graph protocol, and Google guidelines you can rest assured that your sites SEO lasts through search engine algorithm version updates and that it’s useful across all search consoles and social profiles.

SEO Is Not Only For Your Website!

Pictures, videos, Google docs, and social properties can be properly optimized for search.

The process of optimizing web content can be a daunting task.
EfficientProfessional optimization can take 12-16 months, or for local seo in Youngsville it could happen in three to six months.

Identifying what you need to do to rank your URL is almost next to impossible. Every city in Louisiana is going to be different. So our recommendation, pay attention to what makes sense, give away information, and make sure you do it right the first time around.

• Search Engine Optimization Reference Manual from Google – Resort to this manual for improving your pages for the Google search engine. Google SEO PDF

• Web Standards (W3C) – We suggest you read more regarding this grassroots coalition and their standards set here.

• Open Graph Protocol (OGP) – Benefits your Search Engine optimization processes immensely, be sure to read this also.

• Schema – Is a collaborative, community activity with a end goal to create, maintain, and provide schema for structured data on the Internet, on web properties, in email correspondences, and everywhere else applicable.

How Do I SEO My Site For Search – On Site Optimization.

Searh Engine Optimization in CTIY, LouisianaThis is asked a lot, and although I believe there isn’t an absolute answer, I tend to think there are some basic formulas to pay attention to. If you haven’t had the time to reference the Google PDF document I provided a link to above, then this will suffice until you do.

Please Note: If you provide a service in Youngsville then you will want to consider using Youngsville in your articles and descriptions as they apply to the fundamentals listed below.

Basic On Site SEO Fundamentals.

• URL Path – Consider the content you will be adding to your page, now I recommend you name the URL something relevant to the article. The URL path helps to identify a page. If you are trying to rank your page for “good food in Youngsville” make sure that is found in the page URL string.

• Yoast – Most WordPress users rely on plugins to optimize their websites. The most popular plugin used as of this writing is Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO has some very basic features, in addition to advanced functionality. Getting this activated should allow you to seo your site more efficiently.

• Links & Anchor Text – Be sure to create an outbound “nofollow” link to a site that also provides value. I would not send an outbound authority link with anchor to another website about the same topic, instead send the link to something somewhat relevant but isn’t in direct competition with the subject you are attempting to rank your web site for. Sending a link to another local Youngsville company site can help provide location relevance also.

• H-Tags – If you are using a site builder that gives you the opportunity to create H-Tags then be sure to do it. An H Tag is is a headline, use it to tell your viewers what the content will be about.

• Site Content – Provide as much valuable content to your audience as possible, see below. This includes graphics, articles, videos, docs, optimized maps, links to social profiles, and more.

• Pictures – If you have unique photos to include on your page then do it. Be sure to label your pictures with topical keywords that fit with the rest of the content. Also be sure to label the graphics according to what they actually are. Do not label a photo of an iPad a modem.

Note: If the image was taken at a park in Youngsville then consider labeling it “Youngsville town park” if that is what the picture is.

• Article – Engage viewers with the content your creating. Be sure that when people land on your page and read your content that it’s relevant to the search wordsthey used to find you. It’s recommended that you write a minimum of three hundred words, anything above and beyond is considered a plus. Also, if someone in Youngsville is searching for your products or services, clarifying that your business is actually in Youngsville proves to be extremely beneficial to search.

• Videos – In a perfect world your page would be rich with content. Words, pictures, videos, outbound links, docs, and anything else beneficial to the topic. You can create custom videos on your tablet and post it to Youtube. Embedding a video creates value for the site and the end user. It gives the person that found you another piece of unique content to engage, and it gives the search engines another piece of content to index. Win-win.

How To SEO Your Website – Off Site SEO

Off site optimization refers to other properties and the links coming from them. Those links are called backlinks. The referring web property can be another blog or business, a social property like Instagram, a citation, or blog comment linking back to your property. There are many other means of receiving backlinks, but these are common methods and usually easy to get.

• Link Outreach – Most likely you have done business with a company that has a site, or you have friends or networking partners that have a business site. Simply reach out to anyone of these individuals and ask them to feature an article about you or your company on the site. My recommendation is that you write it to save them the time. Be sure to give yourself a link back and return the favor to them by creating a link to their site from your property.

• Social Sites – By setting up social profiles like Facebook, G+, Youtube, and Reddit you have the option to link out to your website from the account profile. You can also create links from a post within these platforms. Lots of ways to link, just need to get creative.

• Citations – Citations are a great way to produce a link. Building profiles in directories like Yelp, Google Maps, Yellowpages, or foursquare will give you the opportunity to not only create a local presence in Youngsville on those platforms but to also send nofollow backlinks to your site from that property.

• Comments – I have experienced personal success searching for articles on the web that were topical to my website and commenting on them with a backlink to our webpage. Don’t be a spammer, locate an topical web page, comment and engage the community, and leave a backlink in your comment that points back to your website. That is a backlink.

In this ever growing world of internet technology, what is an important variable today could become even less effective tomorrow. We believe by sticking to W3 standards, following Open Graph Protocol , and incorporating Schema you will have success ranking your content for many years. Loop holes and short cuts never last, loop holes are closed off daily and the search algorithms are only becoming more advanced. Take time to educate yourself, take time to do it right and at the end of the day you will find your content to be optimized for a long time.
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