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Pay Per Click Advertising

Gone are the days of wondering whether your marketing approach is actually working. Modern Influence delivers clear, measurable results through Pay Per Click marketing. Pay Per Click (PPC) means bidding on ad placements across the internet. This can include Google search results or banner ads on various websites your customers are visiting.

PPC presents the unique opportunity to get directly in front of customers who are actively seeking your products or services. With PPC, you can place an ad in front of a customer at the moment they are shopping for the best local dentist or the coolest pair of boots.

Pay Per Click Advertising OKC


Unlike traditional media, every part of PPC is measurable. You can know exactly how many customers saw and interacted with your ads, allowing you to measure the ROI of each ad placement.



Google Ads Management & More

At Modern Influence, we’ll work together to create a unique goal for your marketing campaigns. We maintain a laser focus on ROI, and optimize our campaigns around your unique goals.

Our advertising experience covers paid advertising on social networks, display networks like Outbrain and Taboola, or other search engines like Bing. Our flexible approach doesn’t put your business into a prebuilt package. Instead, we cater our approach to where your audience is and what they’ll respond best to.


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