Social Media Management Services in Oklahoma City

Brand Interactions
Social Media is more than posting regularly.

Our social team knows what makes social media tick. We have our finger on the pulse and know what is trending, how to create a voice and enforce a brand via interactions. We also know how to adjust some of the behind-the-scene settings to reach a wider audience and engage with more users. Also, our team stays on top of updates to social media platforms, which are changing regularly, as well as jumping in on new platforms as they rise and fall.

Social media management OKC

What About TRAINING?

Maybe you have a staff that manages social media currently. Our team can conduct trainings for your staff from becoming verified to discovering who visits your store and how to reach them.

Game Plan
Social media is the new “word-of-mouth”

Modern Influence will identify your target, tone, and overall message across social media. Our team will establish a verified page as well as 24/7 messaging support for you customers. We’ll create a customized content calendar so you are constantly collecting likes, fans, followers, reviews, and everything between. All this while managing and using your social leverage to influence first-time or repeat purchases.

Consumers are searching

Let us help you remove the guessing from your social media strategy and start turning your engagements to dollars.